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WHAT is plasma?

Plasma is the liquid content of the blood which has antibodies

WHEN and WHO can doante?

  • Should be donated after 28 days of complete recovery from COVID-19.
  • The donor should be aged between 18-60 years.
  • The donor should weigh more than 50 kg of body weight.
  • The recovered paient should preferably be a symptomatic patient.
  • The donor should comply with ABO compatibility and anti SARS-CoV-2 antibody measure.

HOW often?

One can donate plasma twice in a month & can donate around 400-500 ml at once

WHOM does it benefit?

  • Patients with early moderate disease (preferably within 7 days of symptom onset).
  • Patients with RR< 24/min.
  • Patients with Spo2< 93% at room air.
  • Patients who donot have IgA deficiency syndrome/Ig allergy.